Finely crafted furniture from 100% reclaimed wood

We are a producer of modern, contemporary industrial furniture made out of reclaimed materials. We focus on reclaimed construction wood (beams) which are rich in history, color, grain pattern and character. The materials we use are literally given a new life, as we source our materials by dismantling 100 year old barns and cottages which would have otherwise been used for firewood by their current owners.

Our designer furniture fits beautifully in modern, contemporary, loft or rustic interiors and the uniqueness makes sure that such original hand-made pieces are admired by all your quests in your home.

A new lease on life

The beams used for our furniture production are very often over 100 years old and have aged to provide pieces very rich in fabric and patterns. We give these materials a new life and thereby minimise the impact on our environment.

Sustainable Design

The beauty of our product comes from the raw materials themselves, but also a complicated production process where no chemicals are used. The wood is sorted to find similar patterns and grains, a hand-made process of production where natural oils are used to stain and protect the natural fiber of the material.

Dining Table from reclaimed wood

If wood could talk, this handmade dining table made from 100% reclaimed wood would have some stories to tell. That is fitting, because once you entertain your guests around this dining table, you will have plenty of your own stories to tell. An eye-catcher and a conversation starter, this dining room table is the perfect place to entertain guests or for a romantic dinner for two.

Each dining table is handmade and finished using solid reclaimed wood.

Coffee Table from reclaimed wood

Now this is sustainable. The couch table is perfect complement to a comfy couch for unwinding after a long day at the office. And your mind can relax knowing this table left our pristine forests untouched.

Each Couch Table is handmade and finished using solid reclaimed wood.