Finely crafted furniture from 100% reclaimed wood

If you care about the impact that industries have on our environment, if you care about our natural ecosystems, our habitat and our forests then Nydala-Design may be the answer you are looking for.

Having the environment at heart, we live and breathe concepts such as upcycling, re-use of materials and circular economy, while making amazing designer furniture designed to last a lifetime.

A new lease on life

The beams used for our furniture production are very often over 100 years old and have aged to provide pieces very rich in fabric and patterns. We give these materials a new life and thereby minimise the impact on our environment.

Sustainable Design

The beauty of our product comes from the raw materials themselves, but also a complicated production process where no chemicals are used. The wood is sorted to find similar patterns and grains, a hand-made process of production where natural oils are used to stain and protect the natural fiber of the material.