About Nydala Design

Our founding members worked for years in international technology yet had a deep connection with nature, travel and environmental awareness that went unfulfilled. The idea of building handmade furniture from reclaimed wood was born out of love for the outdoors and our desire to respect our natural environment. We noticed that amazing old rustic architecture (houses, cottages and barns) are being destroyed to make room for modern urbanization, and these amazing materials are too often used for firewood, sold to mulching plants or to commercial factory line furniture producers.

Sustainably Sourced Reclaimed Materials

The beams used for our furniture production are very often +100 years old, have a story and have been aged to provide pieces very rich in fabric and patterns, this makes our furniture so special in today’s fast paced materialistic world we give these products a new life and a new home. Our team of carpenters are artists practicing their craft which has been passed down by generations. Their attention to detail gives them the ability to bring out the beauty of these raw materials within a single plank making each furniture piece a unique one.

What makes Nydala Design unique?

Designer Furniture from Reclaimed Materials

100% Reclaimed Materials

We focus only on reclaimed materials, construction wood which would otherwise be burnt in the furnace or sold for firewood

Rich in History

With each unit sold we provide a certificate of origin + a photo of the building from which the material was sourced

Hand-made from Start to Finish

Each beam is selected to form matching groups. There is no sanding, to achieve the texture and patterns thick brushes are used. Only eco-friendly oils and paints are used to stain for protection and to emphasize the fabric and patterns.

Our Production Process


The materials we use are literally given a new life, as we source our materials by dismantling 100 year old barns and cottages which would have otherwise been used for firewood by their current owners.


We focus on reclaimed construction wood (beams) which are rich in history, color, grain pattern and character. The wood is then sorted to find similar patterns and grains.


The beauty of our product comes from the raw materials themselves, but also a complicated production process where no chemicals are used. We use a hand-made process of production where natural oils are used to stain and protect the natural fiber of the material.

Finished Product

Our designer furniture fits beautifully in modern, contemporary, loft or rustic interiors and the uniqueness makes sure that such original hand-made pieces are admired by all your guests in your home.