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Reclaimed Wood



Coniferous: Spruce, Fir & Pine

The majority of our products are made from salvaged spruce, fir or pine, reclaimed from 100+ year old barns and cottages that would have otherwise been used for firewood. The wood is rich in history, color, grain pattern and character and we our proud to give the wood a new life. Our tree stumps come from windfall from the forests of Poland, which are taken in limited numbers to preserve the forest habitat. These are sometimes also made from fallen ash and oak trees.


Deciduous: Oak

We salvage Oak slabs that are at least 50 years old from old barns in southern Poland and use this precious wood for our Live Edge tables.  Live edge furniture often incorporates gnarly wood that could not be used in conventional woodworking. Due to the unique challenges involved in working with this type of wood, we leave the natural holes and cracks in the wood or fill them with natural resins.


We work closely with three local scrap yards who are knowledgeable about our needs in terms of steel profiles and are kind enough to sort these products for us and alert us when this steel is available. This steel comes with its imperfections that require some manual labor to get the end product looking as great as it does.

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Reclaimed Steel

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Reclaimed Millstones


Millstones were traditionally used to grind grains such as wheat or to make flour. We find discarded millstones, usually at least 60 years old, in local villages and buy them for fair prices from the owners. We then have them finished on a full metal stand, black, all metal finish, reclaimed wood and metal or on reclaimed oak.